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French Lavender Flower Ultra Blue, 1 lb

Product Highlights:

The French Lavender Flower is perfect to give you a soothing and relaxing aromatic fragrance.

Our French Lavender Flower comes in a resealable plastic bag to keep the fragrance and flavor of the flower. This is ideal for potpourris, soaps, shampoos and other cosmetics making, for sachets or herbal packs for scenting drawers, and for aromatherapy; also great for insomnia and restlessness. This is also a great choice for wedding confetti, wedding favours or shower favours too. Flowers can also be sprinkled over a hot bath or can be used for making candles.

Get your ultra blue french lavender flower NOW!

What will you be getting:

  • French Lavender Flower Ultra Blue, 1 lb
  • 5/8 dram of lavender essential oil (FREE)

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