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Candle Dye Chips (8 Colors)

Product Highlights:

The Candle Dye Chips are great for making colorful and beautiful candles perfect for the occasion.

Our Candle Dye Chips comes in a box. It has 8 different colors, 10 chips for each packed in a resealable plastic bags. Each chip can be broken into smaller pieces if desired. 1 chip per lb. of wax for a medium shade, using less for lighter shades and more for deeper colors. You don’t have to worry about spills or accidentally dripping like too much dye into your melted wax like regular liquid dye. You can also blend a color with other colors to create additional colors. Dye Chips are so convenient and easy to use. 

What will you be getting:

  • 10 Chips of Hunter Green, 1lb each
  • 10 Chips of Pale Pink, 1lb each 
  • 10 Chips of Cinnamon Red, 1lb each
  • 10 Chips of Yellow, 1lb each
  • 10 Chips of Blue, 1lb each
  • 10 Chips of Lavender, 1lb each
  • 10 Chips of Christmas Green, 1lb each
  • 10 Chips of Butter Scotch, 1lb each


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