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Jasmine Flower Tea is a floral, hot (or cold/iced) and fragrant, white tea. It's aromatic, soothing and subtle.

How to Make Jasmine Flower

Jasmine Flower Tea

Hi Everyone, I have the perfect Springtime tea for you: Jasmine Flower Tea. It's aromatic, floral, soothing and delicious.

To me, this tea is like drinking a bouquet of flowers. It's just a beautiful, beautiful tea experience. There's nothing like a cup of Jasmine Flower Tea to take your mind off of any of life's woes.

How to Make Jasmine Flower Tea

To sweeten or not to sweeten

Jasmine Flower Tea tastes so god and pure on its own; I personally, do not sweeten Jasmine Flower Tea but I tend not to sweeten tea or coffee drinks with a few exceptions or if I am in the mood for something sweet.

You can certainly add honey, agave or your preferred sweetener to this tea.

How to Make Jasmine Flower Tea

Health Benefits of Jasmine Flower Tea

Jasmine is said to have many health benefits, including the following (source):

  • boosting energy
  • weight loss
  • cancer prevention
  • heart health protection
  • stress relief
  • type 2 diabetes prevention
  • helps improve immune system
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • beneficial to the skin
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Possible Negative Side Effects of Jasmine Flower Tea

Here are some possible negative side effects of Jasmine Flower Tea:

  • Jasmine Flower Tea contains caffeine, if you are sensitive to caffeine Jasmine Flower tea may not be for you.
  • Stomach irritation
  • Early pregnancy contractions

As with any herbal remedy, please consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about Jasmine Flower Tea.

How to Make Jasmine Flower Tea

Can you add milk to Jasmine Flower Tea?

Sure, if you want to. I personally do not because the tea is beautiful on it's own and I am more of a tea purist - that's just my opinion! I feel like milk would mute the floral aspect of the tea. If you love milk in your tea though, have at it!

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About Jasmine Flower Tea

As quoted from the bMAKER Jasmine Flower package:

Jasmine is a climbing vine in the olive family found throughout tropical areas of Europe, Asia and Africa. The rose-like blooms of the plant are prized for their beauty and delicate fragrance.

 How to Make Jasmine Flower Tea

Helpful Kitchen Tools for Jasmine Flower Tea

  • teapot
  • measuring spoons and cups
  • T-Sac or mesh tea strainer
  • heat safe mugs
  • spoon for stirring

How To Make Jasmine Flower Tea

Ingredients for Jasmine Flower Tea:

  • loose dried food grade Jasmine flowers
  • hot water
  • optional: sweetener of choice
  • optional: milk


1. Bring a tea kettle of water (at least 1 cup) to a boil.
2. Using a T-Sac or mesh tea strainer, put about 2 teaspoons of Jasmine Flower Tea in or you can just put it in the bottom of the mug.

How to Make Jasmine Flower Tea
3. When the water comes to a boil, pour the tea over the Jasmine flowers. Cover the mug and steep for 2-4 minutes. Remove flowers, drink and enjoy!

How to Make Jasmine Flower Tea

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